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It gives me immense pleasure to see this field growing from a seed unknowingly planted a decade ago, to grow into a beautiful budding sapling, but also realize that on my shoulders rests the accountability of growing this field responsibly in an unbiased way.

My journey into Aesthetic gynaecology formally began with my fellowship at AIAVS under DR Red Alinsod in LA, USA in 2012. At that time, the focus was on mainly surgeries. Then came the non-surgical procedures and back home, we worked with Lasers & RF & we did trials in Indian patients.

We then became the Key Opinion Leader for RF & had many presentations & procedure demostrations, including the 1 global conversation where 26 countries participated (in 2018) from our centre

We have had research papers in peer-reviewed journals, and have had the honor to try so many devices & procedures at IAVA.

IAVA has directly & indirectly trained doctors all over the world (since 2016) many of whom are doing successful practice in aesthetic gynaecology.

When we began talking Aesthetic gynaecology in 2012 we had zero audience. From there to where we are now in a decade has been so encouraging, that we thought an unbiased affordable Congress is a great way to get the best minds in the world share their ideas & thoughts.

I think that aesthetic gynecology is something all gynecologists will have to get familiar with & practice, as the results are life-changing and shall undoubtedly be a household name in the future!

I hope that many join us in this exciting field to improve womens quality of life and we have many events.

Am hoping to see our sapling grow into a beautiful plant……


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